Sense Cleanse – Innocence

Recently, a 7 year old child remarked to me –  “I am sleepy, but my eyes won’t close!”. It was a sweet innocent expression but profound in meaning.
As an adult, we say “I can’t sleep even after closing my eyes”!
Child knows how to differentiate self  from the SENSES. Child’s innocence is still intact and identifies with the SOUL/SELF.
Overactive mind, leading to sleeplessness, is the cause in both the cases.
As a child, we can differentiate ourselves from our Ego, because of our innocence shining from our Soul.
We grow, and along with us, grow our Ego too. At one point in life, without paying attention, we let Ego take over, assuming we are SENSES and our job is to please our SENSES.
Our Sadguru His Holiness Dr. Mangeshda says – “The person who is like an innocent child without being childish is always close to the Divinity”!

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