Ayurveda Marma Face-lift

Ayurvedic Marma Face – lift – Pamper “YourSelf” with Pure Bliss & Become Blissfully Beautiful You!

What is Marma face-lift
Marmas are like the switches located on the subtle body that regulates flow of Prana in the body. When these switches are damaged, corrupted they affect the flow of prana. Marma points accumulate toxins due to emotions, wrong thinking, overactive mind, stress, EMF, chemical toxins, wrong lifestyle, food habits, poor sleep etc.

There is a saying that goes – Face is the indicator of the Mind. Stressful, emotional mind appears as fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Thus aging process sets in.

How does Face lift work?
Divine prana rich all natural age defying herbal cream with 18 herbs are massaged on the marma points. The synergetic effect of the cream helps in removing the accumulated toxins thereby enhancing the reception and flow of Prana. The face-lift treatment not only enhances the outer beauty, it also projects the inner beauty by calming the mind and senses there by opening your heart. Thus skin feels rejuvenated and fresh making you blissfully beautiful.

These herbal creams have a profound effect not just on the face but entire body. These transdermal creams. There effects go beyond the surface of the skin into repairing and reestablishing the intelligence of the entire cellular system, liver, blood and the whole body.

What is Transdermal Absorption?
The skin is made up of three layers – epidermis the outer layer you actually see, dermis and then the subcutaneous fat layer. When these creams are massaged or appled on the epidermis – outer surface of the skin, it penetrates its way to the dermis which is full of tiny blood vessels. The properties of the herbal creams are absorbed by these blood vessels and is circulated throughout the body supplying oxygen and nutrients, removing the toxic waste thus facilitating better circulation and flow of Prana to the tissues, organs and cells of the entire body.

Definition of beauty in true sense is – inner beauty is revealed as a Radiant glow from with in.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Marma Face lift:

  1. Anti-aging – removes fine lines and wrinkles; makes skin soft, supple and radiant
  2. Connects physical body with the subtle body
  3. Brings Prana and beautiful light to the face
  4. Skin starts to breath more Prana
  5. Provides physical and psychological relaxation
  6. Relax your mind by opening your heart
  7. Coordination between mind and senses are established
  8. Helps with the health of the eyes, eyesight, eyelid movements, clears sinuses, lung passages, efficient breathing, ear aches and hearing problems, throat and soon.
  9. Lymph drainage

Marma face-lift is based on Shaka Vanshiya Ayurveda Transdermal Marma system.

Shambhavi is a certified Transdermal Marma Therapist and intensively trained by SVA Vaidya Mishra. Her services are highly appreciated by her clients.

Pampering packages:



20 minutes marma face-lift with Age defying herbal cream


20 minutes marma face-lift with Celestial radiance cream with all the 9 gems (Colloidal gold, Colloidal silver, with bhasmas of Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Blue sapphire, Cat’s eye, and Yellow apphire, Garnet) balancing the 9 planetary effects


30 minutes Marma face-lift with herbal clay mask followed by herbal face-lift massage


Meditation and Marma face-lift package



20 minutes of Marma face-lift followed by a 20 minutes relaxing meditation


60 minutes: Facial clay mask, Marma face-lift massage and Meditation


Enjoy Complimentary Spa Herbal foot bath with soothing, circulation enhancing herbs with all the above packages.

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