Kriya Yoga Initiation(Diksha)

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For higher levels of perception and spiritual awakening, Sadguru Mangeshda initiates spiritual aspirants into Kriya Yoga (a simple, scientific and one of the fastest spiritual paths) and monitors their practice and progress. He conducts regular Kriya classes and camps and also replies promptly to all the emails and queries submitted to him by his disciples in spite of his busy schedule.

There are six levels of Kriya Dikshas taking a sadhak (practitioner) step by step towards the Nirvikalpa Samadhi avastha…. the highest step of spirituality. Guru’s constant contact and connection is essential to reach this stage. “GU” is the invisible body abiding within our physical body by which one can speak; “RU” is our luster … our gross body. The gross body is remaining by the power of our invisible body. The disciple requests for the Kriya initiation and to be accepted as a disciple by the Sadguru.

Who can Practice Kriya Yoga?

The entire base of Kriya Yoga is practical and easy to practice for anybody 12 years and above. It is truly a lifetime blessing to be guided by a Kriya Yogi from Impeccable direct lineage – Experience and reap the rich rewards of Kriya Yoga.

You can practice all the five-fold Kriyas or if you cannot do all of them, you can do any one part and still reach the ultimate Awakening – Aham Brahmasmi. Even if a person is in a wheel chair or physically challenged that person can still do the Kriyas – they can practice at least the Kriya Mantra Yoga – chanting or Kriya Dhyan Yoga. Kriya Yoga teaches you to do at least something according to your capacity. That is why Kriya Yoga is a beautiful and guaranteed path of “Self-realization”.

Duration of Practice: Even if you practice for minimum 30 minutes, you get maximum benefit and energy to keep going the whole day.

What is Kriya Yoga

Kri means Action; Ya means Soul. The soul directed action leads you to experience the ultimate reality of existence, consciousness and Bliss.

What Kriya Yoga teaches us is to let the soul take the initiative and let the Mind follow the soul. Soul cannot directly control the physical body. Physical body is born with this mind. So in Kriya Yoga, when the Soul takes the initiative, slowly the Mind follows that.  See the chariot of Lord Krishna. Chariot represents our physical body. Seven horses represent the Mind. Controlling part is Sri Krishna. Mind is controlled by Lord Krishna – The Soul.

This is the beauty of Kriya Yoga – the five-fold path – Kriya Hatha Yoga, Kriya Mantra Yoga, Kriya Kundalini Pranayam, Kriya Dhyana Yoga and finally Kriya Bhakti Yoga.

  • Kriya Hatha Yoga – When you don’t listen to your body when it speaks to you, you suffer ailments. What is the connection between cosmic energy, magnetic energy, the major chakras and the endocrine system and how the energy blocks are removed through the practice of Kriya Hatha Yoga.
  • Kriya Kundalini Pranayam – practice moves the energy through the Sushumna nadi upwards to experience the ultimate truth and Samadhi. When the mind gets disturbed, the breathing rhythm changes, resulting in accumulation of excess carbon. How you can retain your youth through proper Kriya Kundalini breathing techniques.
  • Chanting certain syllables repeatedly is supportive to the mind – and this practice forms the essence of Kriya Mantra Yoga.
  • Everything that you do in your daily life can be a meditation; Kriya Dhyana Yoga is observation without reacting to anything.
  • Without devotion, nothing can be achieved. This forms the basis of Kriya Bhakthi yoga.

Why Kriya Yoga

Humans spend most of their time mired in the past (leading to sadness and disappointment) or the future (leading to anxiety, stress and fear). Kriya Yoga teaches you to be present with and in each breath, taking you to heightened levels of consciousness and awareness.

Sadguru Mangeshda says – “People ask me: is my Guruji – Mahavatar Babaji 1800 years old? I tell them no, he is ageless. Nobody can say how but the Kriya Yoga secret science says now – It is all in the breath”.

How Kriya Yoga techniques help you Empower “YOURSELF”

We are supposed to take 8-22 breaths per minute. Unfortunately, we take around 30 breaths due to busy schedule and stress. Imagine how much carbon we retain. Improper breathing creates accumulation of toxins in the form of carbon waste in the body. Kriya Yoga techniques purify the breath, eliminating excess carbon from the blood and enriching it with oxygen supply. This powerful breath purifies the blood and in turn, rejuvenates the organs and other systems in the body. The subtle realms of the brain, the seat of the mind, get totally energized and help you reach your ultimate human experience of unalloyed bliss.

How easy it is to incorporate Kriya Yoga in your daily routine?

Here it from a busy working Mom who learnt Kriya Yoga recently – Savitha Anantharaman, Westlake Village, CA:

It is very easy to incorporate Kriya Yoga in daily routine – you can practice all at once or you can split and practice portions of it in the morning and complete the other half in the evening. All one needs is the discipline and faith to continue.

2. Practicing Kriya Yoga provides internal peace and helps to learn from inner silence. It provides tremendous energy and you can lead a peaceful life. Inner peace and internal guidance helps you to handle daily stress with ease and eventually overcome stress.

3. It is indeed a blessing and big relief to have a Sadguru in everyone’s life. You know you are being guided by a higher intelligence in every action you take and rest assured, you won’t have any doubts in the path you chose. Your higher intelligence is also being developed and nurtured to rely on your own inner self, once it is guided by the Guru.

Practice of Kriya Yoga techniques has relieved many problems related to Mental and  emotional blocks, and numerous physical conditions.Testimonials:

  • Sandeep Yederi, business head, Panasonic, Mumbai, India; President of Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation

I had severe Asthma Problem but using our Guruji’s techniques, I overcame the problem and even went on a Char Dham Yatra – Manasarovar and Mount Kilash in Himalayas (at a very high altitude), successfully completed the journey in spite of Doctor’s contrary  advice and prediction.

  • Shiva Sandilya,  business man, India

While flying from Mumbai to Hyderabad suffered a heart attack on the flight. But using a Mudra, taught by our Guruji for such emergency situations, I managed to reach home and then get admitted in a hospital. Today I am leading a normal life.

  • Swanand Kriyaban, Senior Software Engineer, Northborough, MA, USA

I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder – Pemphigus vulgaris and treatment involved Steroids as the only solution for relief from 2002 to 2007. By sincere and regular practice of Kriya Yoga techniques taught by my Sadguruji and following a very good diet, I overcame the dependency on steroids. I am out of steroids for the past 4 years. I was going to UCLA, CA for regular monthly checkups until 2007 and the doctors certified saying there is no trace of the problem in the lab report. Also I don’t have to come for monthly checkups anymore. I am not taking any medication now and I am completely recovered and leading a normal healthy life.

  • Shambhavi Kriyaban, Yoga, Meditation Mudra teacher, Ayurveda Practitioner, Northborough, MA, USA

By initiating me into Kriya Yoga in 2002, my Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda helped me break my inhibitions and overcome all my self-doubt, fears and nervousness. With his loving guidance, I am able to connect with my inner self, discover my innate abilities and become an empowered, stronger woman. I am now an Ayurveda Practitioner, Medical researcher, and Published widely in holistic health journals and holistic magazines. I connected With my artistic side by self-learning designing  websites and writing poems. I face life with a positive attitude.

  • Sumana Naik, Dubai

I was a patient of severe slip disc, who would get admitted to hospital every year for traction. I have completely overcome the problem and I am able to do  my routine activities efficiently.

  • Hemangi Poojari, Mumbai, India

I underwent a major thyroid surgery and Doctors were concerned as to how my speech would be affected, thanks to our Guruji,  I am able to not only communicate effectively but also I am able to sing and give performances on stage.

  •  Anita Ramasastry, age 13 took Kriya initiation in Los Angeles and has this to say:

“I did enjoy the entire process of Kriya Yoga initiation and learnt quite a bit on the aspects of yoga and meditation. It also makes me very energetic and leaves me in a  very happy state of mind. I also feel at peace after the Kriya yoga practice.”

Tom Betournay, Thousand Oaks, CA
Sadguru Mangeshda (affectionately called by us as Dada) was warm and accessible to all during his visit to LA. He practices his teachings and provides guidance to all. We are fortunate that he is spreading Kriya Yoga worldwide. I feel blessed to be initiated.

  •       Savitha Anantharaman, Westlake Village, CA, 

I first met Dadaji at Shambhavi’s house on the day Dadaji landed in Los Angeles! The anticipation of meeting Dadaji was quite intense and even before meeting him in person, there was a sense of having known him, which is something that can’t be explained in words! Somehow the word ‘Dadaji’ came to me even before I knew that everyone calls him Dadaji. I don’t even know how I came to know that fact! That is the special Guru disciple connection and definitely a special calling and guidance from the guru!

The Lecture on Kriya Yoga in Los Angeles was quite an inspiring one. Dadaji explained in very simple terms what Kriya Yoga is and what the five-fold methods of Kriya Yoga are. He explained how to stay focused and to be alert/aware in all situations. He also took the audience to a higher plane with his guided meditation. He inaugurated the 79th center in Los Angeles by lighting the lamp and spreading the light of Unconditional love and Unconditional forgiveness. He actually ushered the real sun light to this city of Los Angeles! We are all truly blessed and grateful for the pearls of wisdom  and will cherish it for life!

5/5/2013 will be a new milestone in my life, as that is the day Dadaji bestowed the wonderful Kriya Diksha initiation at Los Angeles in our house!   We are truly blessed to have Dadaji visit our house and let us perform pada pooja. It is truly a blessing and I am ever grateful for this experience. The entire Kriya Deksha havan, Pooja and the actual initiation was a very highly charged event. I’m very glad that my husband, older daughter and I took initiation from Dadaji. It was a very peaceful yet energized day beyond any measure. An entire life time is not enough to gain all the knowledge from the revered Guruji. Dadaji also taught Asanas, Pranayam and Kriyas to all the participants who took Diksha on that day. He also taught us essential life lessons for all of us to lead this life gracefully! Koti Pranams Dadaji!

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