Diet/Nutrition Guidance

Each one of us is unique and one standard diet may not suit everybody’s needs. We recommend diet and nutrition guidance, based on Individual constitution and their lifestyle. While designing the diet and nutrition protocol, we address both the physical body as well as the vibrational channels. It is not only the caloric value but how the whole ingredient is going to provide satiety and health.

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All the health issues started when people started eating food for sense gratification. Eat food to experience satiety of Body, Mind and Consciousness instead of gratifying the senses. The diet and nutrition guidance recommended provides optimal nutrition and satiety.

The main purpose of diet protocol is to avoid acidic toxins or free radicals.  Acidic toxic built-up over a period of time is the main reason for poor circulation, overheated liver, poor metabolism and toxic blood. This may pose serious health problems.
How acidic toxins deposit in our body?

  • The air, water, food (pesticides, chemical fertilizers smog) are all polluted
  • Chlorine in the water kills both good and bad bacteria making the water dumb. Cooking with this acidic water, the food also loses its intelligence
  • We are 24/7 exposed to heat and radiation from Electromagnetic frequency (computers, cell phones, microwaves, towers, video games etc). This also increases acidity in the body
  • Liver metabolism (conversion of food into nutrition) and other organs of digestive system are heat predominant organs. Accumulation of excess heat over heats the digestive system. This may cause poor digestion and metabolism. It can lead to more toxins and poor nutrition.
  • By overworking our brain constantly we are overworking our liver and other organs for continuous supply of nutrition in the form of glucose, protein etc to the brain. This again aggravates heat in the body, heats the organs and liver
  • Modern hectic lifestyle causes excess senses stimulus or overload and is literally frying the brain
  • Hours of sleep and quality of sleep is decreasing due to too much buzz created by overactive brain
  • Excess competition and excess stress is weakening the immune system – we may suffer from constant cold and flu, allergies etc
  • On top of all these factors, we are also facing global warming.
  • Foods are sprayed and grown with artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals enter our blood stream. These make the blood toxic. Scientific research studies have proved that traces of these pesticides are found in breast milk. You can find case studies in the pub med.
  • Not following seasonal routine and living in tune with nature’s rhythm

All the above factors can result in major health risks. Cancers are on the rise even with advancement in medical field.

The purpose of this diet protocol is:

  • To prevent further aggravation and accumulation of  heat and dryness in the circulation channels and in the body.
  • To avoid the liver from overheating,  becoming toxic or acidic
  • To improve the nutrition quality for nurturing our organs with good oxygen rich blood
  • Provide relief for overstressed and overworked digestive system and nervous system
  • Strengthen the efficiency of organs of excretion
  • Nurturing, increasing lubrication and moisture content in the body.
  • To help our brain and cells keep pace with our modern busy lifestyle, by providing fresh oxygen rich nutritive blood.

According to Vaidya Mishra of Shaka Vansya Ayurveda, proper combination and cooking or synergy (samyog and Sanskar) of the ingredients used in cooking is very vital for balanced nutrition. This is because each ingredient is made up of the five fundamental elements of Ether, air, fire, water and earth. Also the taste (Rasa) of the food is also subject to the combination of the five basic elements of nature.  There are six tastes sweet, sour, salty, pungent, astringent and bitter. The properties and chemical composition of each ingredient used in cooking or as a herb change during pre and post digestion. The ingredient itself has a unique property.
It is also important to maintain good “yogavahi”/vehicle for delivering the qualities of these spices and herbs to the targeted tissues.

Example: Turmeric is good for the Liver and for managing most of the health conditions; modern science has researched and listed the benefits of using it. But turmeric is heating. It detoxes the liver.  So Caution should be taken as to how much dose of turmeric a person can handle and how it has to be combined with other spices or herbs. This is for preventing overheating the liver; at the same time deliver the unique action without overwhelming the liver.

All the health issues started when people started eating food for sense gratification instead of using as a vechicle for the satiety of Body, Mind and Consciousness.

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