• Shambhavi’s classes provide in depth knowledge on the subject be it Ayurveda, Reiki or Mudra Therapy.  She has a very subtle connection with the audience which makes you want to learn more from Shambhavi.  I have been practicing the Mudras she taught us in class and had immediate results. Looking forward to more classes with you!-Sofia I.  
  •  Aparna S – I had a chance to experience Reiki healing first hand. We had been trying for our second child for quite some time. Shambhavi had just returned from Mumbai after learning Reiki 3A. She and her husband Swanand gave me Reiki healing – and within a short span I conceived. This is my first experience with Reiki. Once I was very concerned that I had lost my diamond nose ring – and was searching frantically for it everywhere, but could not find it anywhere. Swanand used Lost & Found Reiki and accurately pinpointed where I could find the lost jewel. I was very happy to recover the ring exactly in that place. This was second experience.

Since I already experienced the power of healing, I was amazed and wanted to know how Reiki energy works. My intention materialized and I learnt Reiki level 1 and level 2 from Shambhavi Kriyaban recently Nov 2012.   I want to share my experience as a Reiki healer:


  •  My daughter is a very intelligent and studious student, and she is in her 12th grade which is very crucial. She was getting stressed out because of the enormous pressure and too many tests and exams. I wanted her to relax and at the same time, study well, so I sent her Reiki to calm her mind and make her study habits more efficient. She started organizing herself and her time very well and is studying with more intensity and concentration, without feeling any sort of pressure.

  • One of my friends was recently complaining that she felt totally drained of energy – and was feeling very tired and could not complete her every day chores. Later she called me and asked me whether I sent her Reiki because she felt a burst of energy and could complete all her work without any signs of fatigue or tiredness.

  • Thanks to Reiki Srividya S Baskar – I had an opportunity to learn Reiki from Shambhavi. The class was very interesting and Shambhavi carried it very well. I want to share my experience  – Ajit’s (our second son) class teachers used to complain that he is not participating in any activity, he is not singing, he is not opening up, etc….The height of it is that they asked me to take video of how he is behaving at home. I was really upset and the next day I did Reiki covering the teachers in pink light before going to school for pick up and saii d prayer for Ajit’s good performance in class.  To my surprise the teachers called me and said Ajit is really opening up and even thanked me for the effort I am taking at home with him. I thank Shambhavi for teaching and sharing the divine gift of holistic healing. 
  • Baskar Shrinivas – I learnt Reiki from Shambhavi Kriyaban recently. The class was active and very interesting with a lot of participation from both the teacher and the students. I had an opportunity to do Reiki immediately.
  • I always carry a USB (Flash drive) with me. It contains several important office files. One day, when I tried to open the documents on the USB,  it did not work on any of the computers in our office. We have around 10 desktops and 3 laptops in our office. I did Reiki to the USB and tried, and it immediately worked. (You may call it a mere co incidence. However, I think otherwise).
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