“Creat”ive Cooking Workshop

Shambhavi inherited her culinary art from her grandmother. Her Grandmother Parvathy was an Ayurvedic healer. Shambhavi was trained by her grandmother since childhood on how to prepare healing food rather than food that merely satisfies the senses.  Any health condition was cured with homemade healing remedies and food by her grandma. In 2002 her husband had a meniscus tear and he was on ibuprofen 800mg for a month which affected the liver. Her husband was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder, steroids being the only solution.  When her husband was seeking alternative therapies, she was faced with a challenge of cooking without a drop of oil, no nightshades like tomato and no chillies or pungent spices.  Her husband is a foodie – likes variety in food. It won’t be possible to give him salads and bland food which would make his health even worse. After all, a calm mind promotes faster healing. Eating food that you don’t like, even if it is good, is toxic to the body. The powerful thought of dislike can mess the digestive fire and may lead to poor digestion. This made her come out with creative, healthy and tasty recipes. All healing therapies including herbal preparations will work only if the diet is intelligent.  Intelligent diet will make the circulation intelligent and so the body becomes intelligent. Her husband bounced back to health, out of steroids and Liver is much better, no skin lesions for the past 4 years.

Shambhavi Kriyaban is a graduate from Ayurveda Institute of America, now a part of Kerala Ayurveda. She also interned with SVA Vaidya Mishra for 4 years where she learnt the science and chemistry behind cooking and how to use the ancient Ayurvedic science of cooking in modern times. She was a part of Vaidya Mishra’s research team on researching various herbs and spices from Ayurveda Pharmacopia and Modern medicinal approach. She has compiled and contributed for publishing articles for Vaidya Mishra on Sutra to Science about various herbs and spices. She was actively involved in designing and compiling the “Dravya guna Vignyan – Ayurvedic Pharmacology with Pharmaco-Dynamics” course on the science and uses of various herbs, spices and other food ingredients.

Shambhavi would love to share her recipes and show how cooking is common sense, creative and interesting.  Along with cooking develop your imaginative power. She offers cooking classes at her residence.  Workshop is limited to 5 people.  Please RSVP.

What you will learn in the workshop

  • How to cook satvic, appetizing Soulful food
  • Cooking chemistry – you have a unique taste and your body has a taste of its own 🙂 How to balance both you and your body? Every food ingredient has a pre-digestive and post digestive taste. You will learn synergy of cooking – how to combine food ingredients for best balancing result
  • Importance of six tastes in food
  • How to cook balanced food according to your metabolism
  • Learn about properties of spices, vegetables, fruits, and all food ingredients including water.
  • Learn about your digestive system and digestive fire
  • Pre and Pro-biotics and their role in digestion
  • Learn why cooking with a calm mind is of utmost importance
  • How to eat mindfully
  • What to do after eating

Finally you get to relish the food you cooked.

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: Call for details

Our activities and courses are designed to spread our Foundation 's Motto -
"Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation" motto: Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness for World Peace!
  • Testimonial

    Mala Ganesan, works at Shrewsbury high School, MA
    When my husband had some health issues and I was feeling helpless, there was only person I could turn to for help. Shambhavi helped me get through the necessary lifestyle changes. She told me her recipes, gave me advice, and with her aid, my husband was back to good health. One of our family's favorite recipes in particular has rescued me on several occasions. Quinoa dosa has been a fallback recipe, and one I can rely on when there's nothing else in the house. Though the recipes are not the traditional kind we make , the food is really quite delicious and you shouldn't be wary to try them out. In the advice Shambhavi gives, you can tell how dedicated and passionate she is and this will then reflect on the goodness of the food

    Suhas Sarma, Student, MA
    One of my favorite recipes from Shambhavi Aunty is her vegetable kurma. The spices work perfectly with one another.