Sense Cleanse – Subconscious Reactions

You behave exactly how you did as a child, or at what age you registered that emotion, irrespective of your physical aging. There is always a big gap between your mental aging and physical aging. At the core, you are always a child, because your reactions are always guided by your subconscious.

A father was expressing some issues that were bothering him. The daughter, to motivate her father reacted – referring people of his age, how they are successfully dealing with these issues. The father got a little annoyed and said “Please don’t compare me with others. Well I am what I am!”. The daughter replied back saying “Dad, while I was growing up, you compared me with other children – regarding studies and behavior. Why did you?”

Dad said “Well, my dear daughter, I was encouraging you positively, and it is not comparison”. The daughter replied back, saying “Dad, then according to your logic, what I said is also not comparison. I was encouraging you by giving you examples!”. Dad did not like this and he went ahead and remarked that he does not want to be compared.

Your behavior, patterns, emotions of hurt, blame, guilt, anger, fear, sadness, and happiness, are all registered in your subconscious mind. Your behavior and reactions are directed by your subconscious most of the time.

In the case of the father, as a child, he recorded comparison as a negative trait/emotion. When the situation arose, the child in him got hurt and this explains his behavior. When his daughter alerted him… about what he did to her, he became conscious and his conscious mind reacted positively saying it is a positive emotion to encourage.

Your subconscious forms at the age of three, and it keeps absorbing everything that you deal with your five senses – sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Emotions are energy in motion – reaction to an action either by you or a second living being.

You have a choice to react positively or negatively. Reaction is in your hands.

Imagine the pain when you hit your elbow on the railings… is it your fault or do you blame the railings?

Expressing a regret can be taken as a blame negatively, or can be viewed as an opportunity to introspect and be conscious next time.

Also, we associate certain emotions with certain words. Some children get demotivated and hurt with words like “don’t”, “can’t”. Example – “You cannot do this, you don’t behave that way”. Such children expect positive encouraging words.

Unless you make a conscious effort, your subconscious keeps reacting, till your last breath. Your emotional voice keeps talking non-stop about hurt, blame, guilt, and all kinds of feelings. You go on justifying your reactions.

Best way to stay positive and calm is by watching your reactions and being alert. Be Conscious, connecting with your Consciousness. Regular Meditation helps to be connected consciously with your inner self.

Show the positive side of emotions so that your child can grow up to be a confident person.

The person who is like an innocent child without being childish is always close to the Divinity!

–  His Holiness Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Dr. Mangeshda

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