Sense Cleanse – Personality

“I ask my PERSONALITY to step aside”!

I was observing a little girl play with her dolls and dollhouse. She assigned a character and a name to her dolls – mom, dad, child, friend, teacher, doctor, and shopkeeper. What amused me was how she brought her dolls to life by transforming herself and her voice. Her voice modulation and body language were creatively appropriate for different doll characters.

She emoted her voice according to emotions displayed by each character. As a mom her voice was bold when confronting her kid, and a cooing voice to express kindness. In short, she stepped aside her personality and became the doll‘s character – personality.

I saw a beautiful connection between emotions and personality from this child’s play.

Each individual is unique and has an individual nature. Your nature determines your personality. You acquire your personality from past births, your exposure, parents, and education. Your friends, society, environment, and media all have a part in influencing your personality.

As humans, it is natural to experience emotions. We expect everyone to act and react like us. We want everyone to understand and accept us for what we are. Well, the other person or everyone else also expects the same!

Well, you all know the reasons for emotions –

  • Emotions are because of expectations!
  • Emotions are because of your reactions to your thoughts as well as that of others!
  • Emotions are because of disappointments!
  • Emotions are because people are not understanding your personality!

and the list goes on…

I am not going to make this post a Cliché – writing about ways to avoid emotions such as “Watch your reaction” etc.

My suggestion is – “I ask your PERSONALITY to step aside”,  and then interact with your emotions. You will see it from a different perspective altogether. When you see your emotions from your angle, your self pity and ego will mask the real picture. You will get clarity assuming the character of the person or the situation that is causing you the emotion. You will see your own “other side”.

Accepting the situation or person is a solution to overcome emotion. It is possible only when you play the role, that is, you become that other person for the time being.

The story of Dussehra or Navarathri is Mother Divine killing the demon. The Demon transformed himself to different forms to trick the Mother Divine. The intelligent creative power, Mother Divine, also assumed nine different forms to relate to the evil power and then kill the buffalo headed demon named Mahisha.

Be the Mother Divine to recognize the Mahisha within you and around you.

As long as you are in your shoes, you are comfortable. Only when you step into another person’s shoes, you will realize how uncomfortable it is.

My husband told me during our dating period –

“You be what you are, I will be what I am; let us coexist, understanding and respecting each other!”.

Seeing from a different perspective by stepping aside, you can be at peace. It does not matter what the other person feels, or thinks or their emotions are; you can calm your mind.

If the emotions still bother you, remember

If we want peace of mind, good health, and prosperity, then the best way is to try not to correct others, but to check our own actions, reactions and great expectations!

– by Sadguru Yogiraj Dr. Mangeshda.


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