Sense Cleanse – Unconditional Forgiveness

Dealing with the Personality and not the Individual Person – Unconditional forgiveness!

My heartfelt gratitude to my Sadguruji His Holiness Dr. Mangeshda for guiding and making me understand Unconditional Love and Unconditional forgiveness. Our Sadguruji’s motto is to spread Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness for world peace through the path of Kriya yoga (Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation)

In my previous blog post, I mentioned about personality, and how an Individual obtains his/her personality.

You are a human being and your personality is an emotional being. Understanding this subtle difference will help you separate you and your emotions.

As emotional beings, there is a tendency to take everything personally. It is the character/nature of the person that is being questioned and not the person or the individual. Pointing out a mistake need not necessarily mean a blame. In fact, most of the emotional problems are because of assumptions and reacting to assumptions.

When you help a person change their nature or behavior, you are helping a Soul to progress in the positive direction – like a true mother chiding the child.

Sai SatCharitra quotes – Saibaba says mother gives bitter pills for the child to get healthy.

In such situations you may try and talk with reason and if needed use your power to correct the situation. By this you are helping the other person to evolve to be a good human being. You are helping the Soul to progress. It is your duty to teach what is right and wrong without personal involvement, losing your mind, yourself and your peace.

In fact, you are depriving a Soul of its progress and evolution when you don’t teach the correct morals.

There are lots of situations which command use of force or power.

Lord Krishna, who is Love incarnate, created the Kurukshetra war – to kill the evil and establish peace. Lord Rama killed Vaali and Ravana in Ramayana.

We have rules and regulations, penal code, justice departments and courts to punish and enforce righteousness.

Why do we need all these? Why don’t we forgive the criminals and wrongdoers? Why should Lord Krishna fight the longest Kurukshetra war? Why didn’t he persuade Arjuna and his brothers to practice unconditional Love, forgive and accept their brothers and let Duriyodhana rule the kingdom? Why should Lord Rama hide and kill Vaali?

Each situation demands a certain action. Every person is different – according to their mental evolution, and the situation, you need to determine the protocol.

For example, people who are very earthy and Tamasic, in ignorance and darkness, you need to use your power and force to penetrate the message into their heart.

A person who is very fiery and angry, Rajasic, you need to be subtle and compassionate, deal them with Love.

If a person whose mind is not stable, wavers a lot, you have deal them with patience, sweetness but with authority and strength.

Ayurveda talks about personality and characters based on the elemental makeup of a person.

You have to fight injustice or fight for your rights with courage and patience and know where, when and how much and what force to use. The fight should be to claim your space, dignity and respect, your self-worth, and yourself.

Let us spread Unconditional Love, acceptance and forgiveness to encourage the positive traits and help destroy the negativity.

Unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness are often misunderstood. They mean establishing yourself without losing your “SELF”. It also means not holding on to the bitterness, sour memories, grudge or vengeance.

But exercise your muscles – your rights against injustice with detachment.

Love without any conditions, does not mean when a person behaves unreasonably, you accept their behavior. Unconditional Love does not mean any kind of injustice or tolerate nonsense.

In spite of your efforts in explaining and reasoning, the other party or person does not understand, you stop there… and mentally unconditionally forgive for your peace of mind. Unconditional forgiveness means you forgive in order to move ahead without being caught in the emotional web.

Best you can do is stay detached from the person and situation. Use your authority when it is warranted. Don’t become patient. Be a healer.

While writing about Unconditional Love and Unconditional forgiveness, I fondly remember my grandmother who could easily unconditionally forgive. It is in her nature. I would like to dedicate this blog in honor of her birthday!

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