Sense Cleanse – Third Person

During our Kriya class, our Sadguruji His Holiness Sadguru Yogiraj Dr. Mangeshda said “Look at yourself as a third person to understand the issues you face in your spiritual practice”. 
It is a very valuable tip. Your mind gets clouded when you bring in your self, relating and reacting to issues personally, tainted with your ego and prejudices. You will not be able to see a clear picture. Self pity drowns you from positive progress. When you detach yourself, your ego takes the backseat, Soul shines the light on the mind. Mind gets the clarity to look at the issue from an Enlightened angle and come out with a clear solution. 
Same applies to every situation you deal in and with life and people. Look at all challenges as a third person. This will give you a unique and a different perspective. 
When listening to your own problems expressed by your self or listening to someone else’s problems, listen as a third person. Listen to a problem as a third person from their angle. Do not attach “YOU” and your personality. Then you will be able to relate and understand better. 
I was watching the recently released Cinderella movie. The prince proposes to marry her and make her queen of his kingdom where she can rule over the entire kingdom. Yet she refuses the proposal saying she wants to establish her own identity as a designer. Well, one might think it as a great proposal, she can summon whatever she wants and live in luxury without much of a hardship. Accepting the proposal might give her material satisfaction.  Looking at it from Cinderella’s point of view, she wants to make her mark with her own talent which will give her Soul satisfaction. We are all born with a purpose and our Soul reminds us from time to time to complete the relationship and progress. 
What is trivial to you may be a serious matter to the affected person. Do not judge. 
As a third person, you will be able to understand the second living being better. 
Our Origin is one yet uniquely different because  of Ego principle. 
Being one with the Origin, bring out your uniqueness. 

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