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Sense Cleanse – Integrate ASAB

I was recently listening (again) to a captivting speech by His Holiness Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Dr. Mangeshda. He was sharing insights about deep meaning of a sloka, Guru and breath. He emphasized being aware, developing awareness, and being courageous.

This blog post reflects my contemplation on the subject – “Why all of us are not successful – what is limiting us”?

We keep telling our children – “You have to be intelligent and smart to face the world”. Sometimes we ask them to be bold. Do we ourselves have the awareness about the importance of all the aspects that complement each other and how to integrate them to face the world?

Awareness – is the knowledge, the know-how of how to perceive, and being conscious; in essence, consciousness.

Intelligence – is “Buddhi” in Sanskrit, which is the capacity to understand, logic, comprehension, and the ability for planning.

Sensibility – is acting in accordance with wisdom; the ability to be practical and functional. It is one’s capability for sound judgement, being reasonable and rational.

Alertness – is being vigilant, watchful and being quick to perceive.

Boldness – is being courageous and daring; not afraid to speak one’s opinions; the ability and willingness to go beyond conventional thinking; being imaginative.

Intelligence permeates everything in us and outside of us – Body, Mind, and the Universe. Every cell in the body has its own intelligence. Every particle in the Universe also has its own intelligence.

The Vedic science of Ayurveda states that there are three Mental abilities:

Dhi – Learning

Dhriti – retention; doing what is best for you without sense indulgence.

Smriti – Recalling – Memory Recall

Pragnyaparadha – misuse, non-use and over use of senses; this is the root cause of all diseases.

  • Carak Samhita, explains the mental faculties.

Awareness comes from learning (Dhi).

Sensibility and alertness relate to Dhriti – retention of information

Recalling ability, and (long term) memory will help in taking bold decisions (Smriti)

The 4 Components – ASAB

Awareness tells us about a situation

Sensibility tells us how to handle the situation diplomatically

Alertness brings our consciousness into the situation

Boldness makes us do it – fetching us victory.

All the four ASAB components complement each other. Failure in life is because of not understanding these concepts clearly. All four aspects are important to live in this world successfully, and transcend beyond.

What happens when we don’t combine all the four aspects, but only a few?

A person who is aware, sensible and alert, but not bold enough to say “NO”, suffers the consequences and succumbs to social and other pressures.

A person who has awareness, but not sensibility, alertness or boldness, becomes addicted to habits, becoming a SLAVE to subconscious.

A person who is aware, sensible, but not alert and bold, yields to social pressures, with the mistaken concept of “being cool in society”.

Just being bold, without being sensible and alert to safeguard yourself, can lead to getting hurt in the process.

You are well aware of everything around the world. When you combine sensibility with it, you make intelligent decisions and uplift your life.

Few example applications 

  1. When we combine alertness with awareness and sensibility, you might think about how to make a living out of it, share your experiences, write a book, speaking in public, or teach a course. Starting our own business, and successfully running it will be a bold move.
    1. Awareness – We know that alcohol has bad effects. Alcohol can be stimulant, as well as a downer. Alcohol, when consumed in excess, makes you lose control of your senses. Alcohol crosses the blood-brain barrier and has adverse effect on the senses. So senses act indifferently, and induce the person’s behavior. Also, alcohol consumption affects liver health.
    2. Sensibility – A person who has awareness of alcohol and its effects on body and mind, will stay away from it. You will be intelligent enough to use your intelligence to relax through other ways, rather than in indulging with inanimate spirit “ALCOHOL”.
    3. Alertness – The alert person will stay away from situations which involve drinking, without succumbing to social pressures.
    4. Boldness – The bold person will have the courage to say “NO”. You will educate the society about dangers of drinking alcohol, whether it is for social, business, entertainment, or for pleasure. With all the awareness, sensibility and alertness, you will boldly bring about a positive change in the society.
  2. Suppose there is a fire in the nearby mountain.
    1. A person acting with awareness will gather all relevant details of the situation.
    2. A sensible person will act on this awareness, by taking measures to protect their family and belongings.
    3. An alert person, along with awareness and intelligence, will keep the house insured, all essentials readily packed, just in case of emergency evacuation.
    4. A bold person will go a step further in assisting their neighborhood to stay safe or help fight the fire.

Awareness makes you a Person

Awareness and Sensibility, make you a Satisfied person

Awareness, Sensibility, and Alertness make you a Successful person

When you also combine boldness, you become a LEADER/CREATOR!

Contemplate and bring your awareness into your limitation; sensibly take measures; being alert, work on it and boldly face the situation and overcome it. Integrate your life.

Be the CREATOR, consciously being present!

Awareness travels throughout – you have to be aware that you are sensible, alert, and bold to act and react.

The fuel to Awareness is breath, and the first step is to be aware of, with and about your breath.

Let us start Contemplation on breath – and discover what it reveals!

Until then,

Shambhavi Kriyaban


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