Women: Unconditional Love

Hari Om

I asked our Sadguru, My spiritual Master “why women have to do everything?” His answer was “Increase your energy level”. Now I truly understand the meaning – “Women are the embodiment of SHAKTHI – ENERGY”.   As women we are the proud creators of life on this earth and provide nurturing care through our Unconditional Love and Acceptance and Forgiveness. When a woman has the strength to carry, develop a life, obviously, she has the potential to manage any situation. All she has to do is Connect within with her “Shakthi – power house”, tap the resources and enjoy bliss.

Creation and creativity are associated with feminine principle. For creation to materialize, energy is required. Women have such great strength – to conceive, nurture and bring several new souls into this world. Yet they allow themselves and others to consider them as the weaker sex. Women are always associated with Love, care, support, stability, patience, perseverance, acceptance, and forgiveness just like the characters of Mother Nature.

Every woman has to maintain perfect health right from childhood, be in tune with nature. For smooth and blissful transition from one stage to another – fertility, puberty,  conception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause – all that a woman has to do is let her mind access her own power. Senses possessing mind and senses glued to the material world are limiting her from accessing this divine power. Maintaining clean channels, through proper diet, routine, behavior, code of conduct and lifestyle regimens, helps the mind in accessing the light – the feminine energy within her.

Feminine energy – “Shakti” in Sanskrit, is universally accepted as the loving, nurturing, caring, and unifying force or energy behind any creation and creativity. Masculine and feminine energy are present in Man and woman and everything animate or inanimate.  (Ardhanarishwar concept). Though both man and woman both have this feminine energy principle inherent in them, women display it naturally as a gift from the Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is calm, her creation is also peaceful. When Mother Nature gets aggravated, she shows her wrath in the form of natural calamities and destruction. Similarly when woman is calm and peaceful, connected with her inner self, people around her, her entire family lives in peace and harmony. When a woman gets enraged, creates confusion, chaos and disharmony and destruction.

Finally Meditation and withdrawal of yourself from the outer world and going within is the best solution for handling all women’s problems. Develop the attitude of flexibility and graceful acceptance. Sadguru Mangeshda always says “Expectations bring disappointments”. Expectations can be from your own self or from a second living being or thing.

So unleash your power within and create peace all around with your Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

You are Woman made in the image of Divine Mother – connect within and unleash your power!!!

I always remember and recall this quote by Sadguru Mangeshda –                                                  “Everytime, everything does not happen according to your wishes. When to do the adjustment and when to bring the winning note is a skill in living in this outer world”!!!

This applies to all but especially to Women because we are the ones who have lots of expectations 🙂 Recall this quote by Sadguru Mangeshda and let us live in peace.

 Nature – Creation – You and Me

You are my Abode

Expressing your beauty

Excited in myself elated in Ego

Entangled myself untangling from Your self

Dwelling in myself deviated from Your self

Depressed in myself detached from your self

Delighted myself Re discovering “ME” in your “SELF”

You are my Abode

Union of myself with yourself

Established in the “SELF” Elated in BLISS

Experienced Oneness with the SELF

Expressed Unity for eternity

Hari Om

Shambhavi Kriyaban

This article is an extract from the article appeared in “The Awakening” International magazine by Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation www.mangeshda.org

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