Experiencing spontaneity

Sadguru Mangeshda’s USA Visit – May 1st 2013 – May 30th 2013

This is dedicated to our Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda whom we fondly call “Dadaji”.

Hari Om Dadaji
Our Pranams at your Lotus Feet

Thank You Dadaji and the team both in India and USA for materializing the dream. We were waiting for this moment since we got our Kirya Diksha in 2002. We are very ecstatic being with Dadaji that too at such close proximity for one whole month. It was very nostalgic when
we welcomed Dada to our home and serving Dadaji – “Our living God”  in person. We were truly blessed when Dada said “This is my Home”.

The curtain opened on May 2nd 2013 in USA – Dada being the creator of the play and we all played our parts etched by him. The grand finale was on May 28th – final Kriya Diksha in this historic tour
accomplishing the goal of 41 new Kriyabans added to our global family.

As usual, even in USA people were drawn to Dada’s Charisma – inquisitive to learn everything possible by utilizing every opportunity to be with him. The recently initiated Kriyaban, Ms Savitha is a shining example. She used every chance to be with Dadaji and learn from him, to the extent that she accompanied Dadaji and us on our trip to Las Vegas, taking three days off from work. Dada’s every lecture was unique and different, addressed aptly to the mood of the audience. Americans who took the Diksha and also listened to the lecture gave us a feedback that they felt very comfortable, as Dadaji is very transparent and friendly. They are very receptive and practicing the techniques regularly and sincerely.

People enjoyed the practical and humorous narration by Dada. They could relate to it and it directly touched their hearts. Dada said after the Diksha, the relationship between Guru and Disciple is like that of mother and child. He practically displayed it by personally guiding each and every participant by showing the techniques himself.

Not only this, he went a step to revise the techniques many times, even at night 11 “0” clock. In Canada, after Kriya diksha and workshop in Saint Catherine’s, Dada had to give a lecture in a temple which was one hour drive from this place. After the lecture, he reached back to St Catherine’s after 10.30 pm in the night, and then he revised the Kriya techniques to the new Kriyabans once more at their request. I feel very emotional as I write this – we are really blessed to be with such a Sadguru who puts our comfort before his.

We witnessed his motherly gestures all the time – be it wiping Swanand’s eyes with water while he is driving long distance to keep him fresh; making me overcome the block of eating mustard seeds – we were having upma for breakfast at Chicago center and there were too many mustard seeds. I have the habit from childhood to remove it and it was really cumbersome. Dada noticed, he sat beside me and made me close my eyes and fed me upma with mustard and then made me open my
eyes and consciously eat it. there are many such beautiful incidences and experiences…..

Experiencing spontaneity – how to be spontaneous and how to enjoy the flow
My personal experience from this one month divine trip is I learnt how to be spontaneous and how to be in the flow and enjoy life. Dada says “Be in the flow and witness the miracle”. He taught me how to do it practically. From childhood, I am very careful, and not the adventurous type. Dada helped me break this by taking me on all kinds of “RIDES” and making me eat every kind of food  which I never did since childhood. We got the subtle meaning behind the words “Rides” in life and how to come with a winning note by digesting and absorbing every experience. His “mantra” in this trip was “Save the time” and I understood the real meaning behind it. Every second we waste, we lose our spiritual progress as every breath is valuable.

Dada taught us spirituality is not just practicing the Kriya techniques, but everything you see, do in your daily life has profound spiritual angle. Dadaji showed us different dimensions of spirituality in everyday moments. The sightseeing trips we took with Sadguru were rich with practical life lessons – be it the rides in Orlando, the shows we saw in Las Vegas,  Los Angeles, Helicopter ride to Grand canyon, Museums in Washington DC, chanting OM in thousands of years old cave in Virginia…. Especially in Air and Space museum in Washington DC, Dada taught us the connection between Science and spirituality.

Special thanks to Sandeep, Ajoy and Rajeev, our key organizers from India for accompanying Sadguru from India to USA and for guiding us and looking into every detail for making the entire tour a great success. We all slept for 4 to 5 hours and sometimes sleepless nights, still managed
with high energy levels – thanks Dadaji once again. Working as a team and supporting each other was really fun and great. We were all a family and had such a wonderful time, which cannot be limited by words.

It was heart breaking, and choked with tears when we had to bid good bye for now in the end at JFK airport – with a promise to return back with 100% zeal and enthusiasm to carry on the next assignment in the near future:)….

We are really touched and thank everyone in India for supporting and motivating us through emails and messages.

We missed many trips with Dada being in USA and longed to experience being with Da on a long trip. Dada You blessed us not only with a blissful journey but also be one on one in close proximity with you and how to enjoy life, yet be detached. We ask for your forgiveness for all our mistakes. We humbly seek your blessings and guidance and your divine presence to carry on our mission. Thank You Dada for Amazing, Awesome, Divine experiences and we would continue practicing the
wisdom we gained for reaching the ultimate experience!

Our Humble Pranams at  the Lotus feet of our Sadguru Mangeshda
We seek your blessings
Shambhavi Kriyaban
Swanand Kriyaban

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